Rabu, 08 Februari 2012

Smarty Uninstaller Pro (2012) 2012 3.0.1 Portable | 16 MB

 Apabila teman - teman bermasalah dengan banyak menginstal software dan bermasalah , ini solusinya software untuk mengUninstall sampai tuntas

Download 16 MB

Instalation Note: 
1. Unrar ke Folder yang anda inginkan.
2. Send to Desktop "SmartyUninstaller".
3. Run software dari shortcut pada desktop.

* Smarty Uninstall - COMPLETELY removes applications from
  your PC (all files, shortcuts and registry entries)
* Smarty Analyzer will deeply scan your computer for traces
  left by selected application.
* Smarty UI - easy to use and modern user interface allows
  to comfortably work with Smarty Uninstaller!
* Smarty Cache - makes Smarty Uninstaller very fast and 
  reliable. Much faster solution than regular Windows 
* Smarty Protection feature - this feature will protect
  critical system components. You will not be able to 
  delete system files accidentally or in any other way.
* Smarty Groups - allow you to organize applications list
  into logical groupings. This will make your work more 
  flexible and organized.
* Smarty Drag-Drop - uninstall applications using drag-drop
  and context menu! Just drop application's icon to the 
  Smarty Uninstaller icon on the desktop. Or choose 
  appropriate command in context menu (Right mouse click).
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